About Us

The Ohio Valley Chapter represents and promotes the values of the ICF. The ICF has advanced and professionalized coaching by implementing high standards and ethics, a certification process, and building a worldwide network of 26,000+ coaches from more than 125 countries.  ICF OV, offers a free forum to members for networking, collaborating, learning, and development opportunities.  The goals of ICF OV are to connect prospective clients to highly qualified coaches, and to raise awareness and knowledge in the community about professional coaching.

ICF Ohio Valley Charter Chapter is dedicated to:

  • Providing a forum for members to network and collaborate
  • Offering learning and development opportunities for members to grow as coaches and increase business success
  • Connecting prospective clients to highly qualified coaches in their area
  • Raising awareness and educating the community about professional coaching, the ICF, our chapter and our members

ICF Ohio Valley has a strategic action plan. Click here to download.