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Christiana C. Hartenstein, Psy.D., ABPP, PCC

Dr. Christiana C. Hartenstein is a small business coach who specializes in assisting professionals from various industries managing career and life transitions, including retirement. Furthermore, she helps leaders to fine-tune their leadership skills, and high-potentials to advance their careers.

Dr. Hartenstein started her coaching business in 2015 after having successfully navigated significant career and life changes herself; these include settling in the United States and establishing a second career after being born and raised in Germany. Prior to becoming a coach, Dr. Hartenstein worked as a print journalist for several newspapers and magazines, made films for the German TV station ZDF, and had a highly successful career as a psychologist, consultant, and change manager.

Today, Dr. Hartenstein is board certified in Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology and credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. She offers a wide range of coaching services for individuals and teams/groups. These include individual, one-on-one coaching sessions in various modalities (face to face, virtual), team/group coaching to improve overall team/group functioning, and mentoring for future coaches. All services are offered both in German and English.
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Life/Personal, Career, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Dana W. Sutton, ACC

I have been coaching full-time for more than two years, and love helping people find new perspectives and possibilities. I am a nurturing, supportive coach and use my intuition and sense of humor to connect with clients’ deepest selves and hopes. As a former ministry professional, I am also attentive to spiritual resources for those clients who want to draw on or develop them. My work with ADHD students and adults creates additional change and growth opportunities. I’m also an (aging) athlete and can relate to issues of competition (along with the various kinds of stress it brings) and goal-setting. My goal: To help you Thrive, not just survive!
Sutton Coaching, LLC
Life/Personal, Career
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Belinda Gates, ACC

Belinda Gates retired as an owner of a large architectural/engineering firm and has since pursued her passion to support and inspire others to reach their goals. Now, she is an Associate Certified Coach, Speaker and Author. Her leadership development and executive coaching services support engineers, architects and manufacturing companies in the built environment as well as corporate clients and non-profit organizations. She provides one-on-one and team coaching as well as leadership retreats and strategic planning services.

Belinda serves clients in various states and travels nationwide to speak at conferences, retreats, workshops and other meetings. Her topics include varying subjects involving leadership development, increasing your value to your company, how to be a more strategic driver, increasing productivity and achieving success.

Belinda is the author of Your Successful Life, The Playbook for Defining and Achieving What Success Means to You. Her speaking engagements include SMPS conferences and corporate meetings nationwide on the topics of leadership development, goal-setting, planning, achieving success and other topics.

Belinda has served on many non-profit Boards and Commissions throughout her career.  Some of the activities that she enjoys are riding her motorcycle, flying single-engine airplanes, golf, hiking, fly-fishing, traveling and spending time with family and friends.
Coaching By Compass
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Brian Houp, PCC

When leaders with great responsibility find themselves in new or changing environments, clarity and focus are more important than ever.  This clarity combined with an increase in awareness and an ongoing accountability for action helps generate the results we seek.

Since 2103, Brian has been coaching key leaders to excel in many uniquely complex situations. As a result, Business First named Brian one of the 20 People to Know in Career Development field.

Coaching through chaotic times is nothing new to Brian. For nearly 15 years of his corporate leadership life, he led others through 5 mergers and acquisitions while performance increased along with way.

Brian believes prioritizing life away from business is key. He takes great pride in a personal commitment to his faith and family by making time for his two-time breast cancer survivor wife while raising nephews that lost their mother to substance abuse.

Never content with his results, Brian is constantly challenging himself to achieve at higher levels.  Although shamefully voted the office workaholic at a one point in his career, Brian has learned to use his personal life experiences and past business successes to coach others in a unique way that delivers both personal satisfaction and business results.
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Career, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Indiana
Ericka Foley, ACC

I work with Executive level women who need help developing a strategy to reach their ideal career goals. I partner with them to identify a picture of their future and what they need to do to make it a reality. Using proven coaching methodologies, I help them get to the root of why they are not where they want to be and, together, we create a plan to close the gap. My clients walk away with a better understanding of themselves and are prepared to achieve their vision of career success.

I am ACC certified by the ICF, have 20 years of experience working for a Fortune 500 company, and 20 year of career coaching. I also write resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and conduct mock interviews.
Corporate/Executive, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana
Elaine Suess, PCC

President of Beyondbeing Executive and Leadership Coaching, Elaine Suess is passionate about stirring individuals, teams and organizations to meaningful change. As an executive and leadership coach and organizational development consultant, Elaine delivers on Beyondbeing’s mission to help leaders maximize their performance and success, especially in times of change.

Elaine works with executives, and leaders at all levels, to unleash their extraordinary potential. She does this by helping them uncover blind spots and patterns keeping them from being their best, and identifying and leveraging their strengths to take their influence and impact to higher levels. With research-based tools and proven approaches, Elaine helps clients achieve lasting performance improvements in areas such as conflict management, communication, relationship management and leadership presence.

In her 20-year corporate career, Elaine was a leader in multiple disciplines at General Motors and Hill-Rom Company. Over a decade ago, Elaine founded Beyondbeing to bring the culmination of her leadership experiences, insights and strengths to others.

Elaine is a certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach, PCC, a certified Appreciative Inquiry consultant, certified in Barrett Values Cultural tools and is a Core Skills Coach in Conversational IntelligenceTM. She is certified in assessment tools such as MBTI, EQ and 360 instruments.
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana
Cory D. Shelton, ACC

I serve individuals and companies who are interested in transformational change.  Based upon broad coaching experience, I support leaders to achieve their hoped for future.
My offer includes 1:1 personal and professional coaching, team performance improvement and training.
For larger projects, I specialize in at improving performance through; shifts in safety culture and leadership, applied behavioral science, major accident risk reduction and systematic coaching solutions.
My track record and commitment is to bring integrity, passion and quality to every endeavor.
Shelton Coaching and Consulting
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Life/Personal, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia

Steve Aidikonis, ACC is a trained and ICF-credentialed coach, specializing in career change and life transitions. He works with his clients to help them take positive action to achieve their goals. His professional clients run the gamut from corner office executives to corporate managers.

Along with coaching, much of Steve’s working life has been in the technical arena, and he has served in systems leadership as well as technical roles like systems analyst and project manager. The businesses he’s been part of as an employee and contractor are varied as well, and include energy services, banking and organizational development.

Besides what Steve has learned in formal training and continuing education, he brings his personal coaching style to the table. This is drawn from a varied life experience and curiosity prompting people to consider different points of view. He’s also developed the powerful skills needed to walk along with his clients so that they have ownership of their successes.

Steve is also a volunteer coach for Stand Beside Them, an organization whose mission is to provide free coaching and mentoring services to our returning service members and their families/caregivers during their transition to civilian life.
Small Business, Life/Personal, Career, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana
Peggy C. Hinds, ACC

I am a professional coach because I believe in the power of coaching to change lives. I believe this because it happened for me. At a time in my life when I was going through major transitions – divorce and career discernment – a coach walked with me and helped me discover my own wisdom and deepest desires. This same process works for groups, boards, and congregations.

I bring to the coaching relationship 20+ years of experience working with individuals, congregations and nonprofit boards. Guiding people, organizations and groups through self-discovery and renewal of purpose is a calling and gift that I have been honing through years of ministry and personal growth. I want to help you discover your deepest desires and live into them. My coaching specialties include leadership coaching, congregations, nonprofits and church leaders along with those listed below.

Coaching is future- and action-oriented. Creating new vision is only purposeful if it leads to action. Together we can discern vision, imagine possibilities, and create action plans that will move you, or your group, congregation or organization toward your desired future. I do not offer a “one-size-fits-all” package to tell you what you should do. I guide you through your own self-discovery and creation of a plan that fits your unique situation and call. I journey with you, supporting your vision, encouraging your dreams, and motivating you to achieve.
Hinds Coaching
Life/Personal, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
John Rhoads, ACC

Through a wide range of personal and professional experiences, John passionately believes that we each have a purpose; that our personal dreams, talents, and vision fit into a bigger picture for how the world works. He is a highly motivated individual and thrives on guiding others to their own passion and inspiration. John developed his coaching and mentoring skills, working with teens through several youth programs as well as Tri-Life Leadership Training. It was in these initial programs John began to develop the skills for meeting individuals where they are and finding creative solutions to helping individuals find meaning in the world. These experiences created for John the belief that everything around us is connected and we as individuals all have a purpose to fill regardless of our history or circumstances; that this purpose provides meaning and fulfillment allowing us to overcome the obstacles we face in life. John offers a unique coaching experience. He offers an empathetic and non-judgmental perspective in how to identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent each of us from achieving the vision and purpose of our lives.
Rhoads Life Coaching
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Life/Personal, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Jeff Nally, PCC

Jeff Nally coaches people using no-nonsense neuroscience and the science of leadership. He has 25 years of professional experience in human resources, executive coaching, professional speaking, and leadership development. He created and led the Executive Coaching Practice at Humana, Inc. for senior leaders and established Humana’s Women in Leadership Group Coaching Program for the top 120 women at the health, insurance, and well-being company.

Jeff is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, Results Professional Certified Coach through The NeuroLeadership Group, and graduated with distinction with a Certificate in Foundations of Neuroleadership from The Neuroleadership Institute.

He is a certified coach supervisor, Senior Certified Professional with the Society for Human Resource Management and certified Senior Professional in Human Resources with the Human Resources Certification Institute.  He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and is a graduate of The Cavett Institute at NSA and The Speakers Academy at NSA Kentucky.

Jeff co-authored Rethinking Human Resources, and Humans@Work with HR and coaching thought leaders. Jeff earned a BA in Psychology from Georgetown College and an MBA from Georgia State University.  Jeff was named one of the top Twenty People to Know in Human Resources by Business First of Louisville.
Nally Group, Inc.
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Carrie Doubts, MA, PCC

Carrie Doubts is a Transformational Coach supporting people through life transitions. She holds certifications in Grief Counseling, Mentor Coaching, Relationship and Divorce Coaching, and is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

Carrie works with men and women experiencing transition, whether it be in career, health, spirituality, or relationships. She works to engage her clients in discovering and embracing purpose and meaning in their lives, utilizing a potential-based coaching philosophy.

As the founder of Life's Next Chapter Coaching, Carrie works with men and women who have lost a spouse/partner to reconnect with their heart, reclaim their power, and re-align with their soul to create their life's next chapter. She has created a nine-month program, Rebuilding Your Life After Loss.

As a WE Lead Coach, Carrie works with women to further develop themselves as leaders in their professional settings, their community, and their lives. Carrie provides mentoring for practicing coaches seeking ICF credentialing at the ACC and PCC levels. She also works with coaches to help them create profitable, sustainable, and service-oriented coaching practices.

Carrie's coaching style is characterized as loving, supportive, respectful, compassionate, transformational. She empowers her clients to move forward in their lives in ways they had not dreamed possible.
(513) 860-0448
Life's Next Chapter Coaching
Corporate/Executive, Life/Personal, Career
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia
Rev. Dr. Lee Strawhun, BS, MDiv, DMin, ACC

Thirty-five plus years in the not-for-profit world has offered Lee and plethora of opportunity and experience with conflict resolution, carrying a leader’s vision through vision casting, speaking and writing along with financial development, marketing, employee development and volunteer motivation. Lee also has a background in faith development, agriculture, police chaplaincy, and emergency disasters (mostly others!) but there have been a few from his multiple hobbies including stained glass, woodworking, gardening and traveling.

If you spend some time with Lee you’ll meet a guy who will listen and help you sort though the next forward steps you can take to fulfill your dreams. Being a pastor you will even get that prayer support and honesty that comes with the integrity of years in pastoral ministry and coaching through numerous personal and personnel challenges.

Married for 35 years with two grown children, growing large volunteer organizations from the bottom up and keeping a balanced life has led this coach to coach others in personal leadership development as a whole person balancing family, work, faith, re-creation, service and personal fulfillment.
Small Business, Life/Personal, Career, Public Speaking, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana
Becky Lingo, ACC

Becky Lingo has a passion for seeking to understand individuals and teams aspirations and providing the support and structure to achieve them. In her 20-year corporate career with market leading companies like General Motors, General Electric and OneMain Financial Services Becky has demonstrated her ability to support individuals and teams in achieving their aspirations. Some of the professionals that Becky has worked with have described her as “trusted,” “genuine desire to connect with me,” “leaves me clearer about what I’m thinking and how I will go about taking action.”

Becky is a certified Keller Influence Indicator ® Enterprise Partner and is trained and experienced in delivering the KII® assessment. Influence is key in so many aspects of our lives and The Keller Influence Indicator (KII®) is an assessment that provides a clear measure of the influence you possess. Becky provides follow up coaching workshops and programs that provide a framework to maximize your influence potential.

Becky holds several professional certifications including Senior Certified Professional with the Society for Human Resource Management, certified Senior Professional in Human Resources with the Human Resources certification Institute, Associate Certified Coach with the ICF, Evidenced Based Coaching Certification from Fielding Graduate University and Certified KII® Enterprise Partner.
Kentucky, Indiana
Jewel Quackenbush, PCC

Experienced Leadership Coach, Trainer and Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training, hospitality and coaching industry.

I am passionate about exploring, understanding and honing relationship dynamics with companies and their employees that creates positive and memorable experiences for their clientele and guests. I do this with groups as well as individuals.

Transformational change, Personal and organizational change, business growth, leadership development, talent management, employee engagement and communication.

I have strong human resources knowledge I studied occupational therapy at Chicago State University and obtained certifications from Goal Imagery Institute for Holistic life, Career and Executive coaching. I am also a current ACC credentialed ICF member.
Life/Personal, Career, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Indiana
Jennifer Seaver Stokes

Jennifer is a Certified Career & Life Transition Coach specializing in Strengths & Energy Mastery Coaching and training.  Her natural strengths allow her to take a strategic approach to any client challenge, create space for fresh ideas and help her clients develop an inspiring vision of their future so they will successfully step into the next chapter of their professional and personal lives.

Jennifer's creative, energetic, articulate delivery of valuable concepts and paradigm shifting viewpoints inspires others to actively leverage their inner assets for outer success. She enjoys 1:1 coaching, group coaching, training, Mastermind facilitation and public speaking. Professional Coach training (iPEC & Strengths Strategy), personal achievements, and real life challenges provide a firm foundation of confident vulnerability in everything she does. She enjoys working with individuals, groups and organizations that are ready for shift their perceptions of what is, honor their purpose and passion and fearlessly take life changing risks.

Coaching Specialties: Life & Career Transitions, Strengths, Energy Leadership

Markets served: Global/virtual
(317) 402-3532
Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana