Brian Houp, PCC

Brian Houp, PCC
Brian Houp, PCC

When leaders with great responsibility find themselves in new or changing environments, clarity and focus are more important than ever.  This clarity combined with an increase in awareness and an ongoing accountability for action helps generate the results we seek.

Since 2103, Brian has been coaching key leaders to excel in many uniquely complex situations. As a result, Business First named Brian one of the 20 People to Know in Career Development field.

Coaching through chaotic times is nothing new to Brian. For nearly 15 years of his corporate leadership life, he led others through 5 mergers and acquisitions while performance increased along with way.

Brian believes prioritizing life away from business is key. He takes great pride in a personal commitment to his faith and family by making time for his two-time breast cancer survivor wife while raising nephews that lost their mother to substance abuse.

Never content with his results, Brian is constantly challenging himself to achieve at higher levels.  Although shamefully voted the office workaholic at a one point in his career, Brian has learned to use his personal life experiences and past business successes to coach others in a unique way that delivers both personal satisfaction and business results.
Corporate/Executive, Small Business, Career, Team Coaching
Kentucky, Indiana