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Member coaches serve various client groups including:

  • Executive Coaching,
  • Leadership Coaching,
  • Internal Coaching,
  • Life Coaching,
  • Career Coaching,
  • Team Coaching,
  • Systems Coaching,
  • and Business Coaching

The Find A Coach directory is intended to help those who are looking to hire a coach, as well as coaches looking for mentors or ‘like-niched’ coaches for networking purposes. If you are an ICF Ohio Valley chapter member and would like to add your profile to the Find A Coach directory, please email the following information and your best headshot to

Coach Name
ICF Credential (if applicable)
Business Name
Coach Bio (please limit to 200 words)
Business Email Address
Business Phone Number
Website Address (if you have one)
Coaching Specialty (check all that apply):

___Small Business
___Public Speaking
___Team Coaching

Markets Served (check all that apply):

___West Virginia

If at any time you’d like to make an edit to your profile, just send edits to the above email address and Meredith will make them for you. The goal of this enhancement is to make it easier for you to maintain your professional profile on the chapter website.

You can use the SEARCH box to find coaches by name, market area, specialty or keyword.  If you click on a coach’s name, you can see their full bio.