How do you show up?

by Jewel Quackenbush

How many times have you been in a meeting or an event and that one person comes into the room and sucks the air right out? If you are not familiar with this phenomenon perhaps you are that person?

Many people often wonder why or how they give off “mean” vibes. In fact they have been doing it so long it has become part of who they are. If you are the person people “politely” walk away from, it is time to take notice, especially if you are a leader in charge! Of course, no one will ever tell you this, or dare mention it to you because chances are, you are the one who signs the checks. Yup, I said it the BOSS. The BOSS! The one who managers, supervisors, and associates report to.

This is not always the case. However in my professional opinion, in my 30 years of experience, this is the case at least half the time. This is your year for positive change; own these issues, acknowledge it, and recreate your management strategy. Get to know your team members, create memorable experiences, manage by walking around and tell them you appreciate them and recognize a job well done. It is nice to be able to hear from your boss when it is a good thing they have to say. You know you will hear from them when things go awry.

You do not need to be all warm and fuzzy. However letting your associates know you have a pulse will gain you the respect and adoration that has been missing from your work life balance.

You set the tone. You create whether or not your work place is one of compliance or cooperation. I do not need to use statistics or site studies that basically tell you “it’s nice to be nice” or a happy worker will produce for you. All these things have been tried, tested and proven and they all play into how you show up when you enter a room and interact with the team.

The other side of this is: “The energy you put out is the energy you will get right back.” If you enter the room with a superior attitude and less than interested energy, you will suck the air out of the room and people will avoid you like the plague. If you go in with an open mind no matter what, if you go into it with a goal of learning something new you did not know before you entered, genuinely… You will be surprised with your results.
In the coming weeks we will discuss the do’s and dont’s of positive interaction with How Do You Show up parts 2 and 3. Until then remember…for every action there is a reaction. The energy you present or put out is the same energy you will get back.


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