January President’s Message

January 2018 message from President, Sandra Hughes:

Hello fellow Coaches of ICF Ohio Valley!

I am honored and delighted to be your new President! I am also incredibly excited about our Board of Directors for 2018.  We all volunteer our time and leadership skills to build a community bound together by our common desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Whether your coaching niche is business & executives, health & wellness, career, life transitions, or whatever else —  your board and I want to engage with you!

I believe the power of many can do more for humanity than one alone.  

We each have different reasons for joining ICF and the Ohio Valley chapter.  What appeals to some of you may not to others but ideally our 2018 strategic action plan will offer SOMETHING for each of you! Is it facilitating getting a credential? Is it skill practice and opportunities to grow your practice? Is it education and CCEUs? Is it connections to others and building your network? What about pro bono coaching for veterans and nonprofits? Or could it be simply creating a sense of belonging and giving back to help other coaches learn from your experiences? What would you like to get from your membership in ICF OV? Even though most of what we do is virtual due to the broad geography we serve, we are mighty!!! As your new president, I want to hear from you. Learn about me here: www.sandra-hughes.com. Contact me at sandy@sandra-hughes.com.

Two IMMEDIATE opportunities (and benefits of your membership ICF Ohio Valley) to increase your business and professional growth are:

1. ICF Business Development Series 4-week series from February 6–March 1, 2018.

This is virtual education (both ‘LIVE’ and ‘ON DEMAND’) designed to help you build, sustain and expand a successful coaching business. It is the 4th time this has been offered and receives some of the highest ratings and feedback from any global program. Registration is open from January 2, 2018 to February 2, 2018. Registration cost is $200 for members and $450 for non-members (a 55% discount!).  This is only offered every two years and there are only 1000 spots open for coaches around the globe, so act quickly!
Learn more and register here.

2. ICF Ohio Valley ‘Find a Coach’ Directory
Check out our Find a Coach page here.

We will be promoting this directory throughout 2018 to our communities through social media, events and news blasts. Unlike the Global ICF ‘Credentialed Find a Coach’ directory, the only criteria is that you be a paid ICF member with Ohio Valley as your designated chapter.

Simply email your bio, head shot, and the following information to info@icfohiovalley.org:
1. Coach Name
2. ICF Credential (if applicable)
3. Business Name
4. Coach Bio (please limit to 200 words)
5. Business Email Address
6. Business Phone Number
7. Website Address (if you have one)
8. Coaching Specialty (check all that apply):
___Small Business
___Public Speaking
___Team Coaching
9. Markets Served (check all that apply):
___West Virginia

Thank you for your continued interest and engagement with ICF Ohio Valley!